FAQ - Bioventus Academy

What is Bioventus Academy?

Bioventus Academy is a medical education platform that provides health care professionals access to in depth clinical and scientific information on bone healing and early osteoarthritis treatment options via self-paced, web-based courses and interactive content, as well as, live programs with our esteemed faculty. Bioventus Academy allows practitioners to stay abreast of the latest science and therapies with the goal of improving patient care.

How much does Bioventus Academy cost and what does that include?

Bioventus Academy is free and gives you 24/7, on demand access to the following:

  • Comprehensive online courses in bone healing and early OA treatment options
  • Bioventus Academy’s video library
  • Live medical education programs
  • Medical Scientific Liaison emails to answer your questions

Who is Bioventus Academy for?

The content provided at Bioventus Academy is geared towards Healthcare Professionals who treat fractures and/or patients with early Osteoarthritis. They would include, but are not limited to the following: MD, DO, NP, PA, Resident, Fellow, Surgical Intern, DPM.

I have a question regarding one of the courses I am currently enrolled in. Who should I address it to?

Please send an email to msl@bioventusacademy.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

Are there CME credits associated with Bioventus Academy?

Click Here for access to CME courses sponsored by Bioventus. https://www.bioventusacademy.com/mod/page/view.php?id=7.

How do I submit an investigator study request to Bioventus?

Click here for more information on investigator study requests.

How do I submit a grant request to Bioventus?

Click here for more information on grant requests.

I have a question about Bioventus Academy not answered here. Who should I contact?

Please send an email to info@bioventusacademy.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

What products does Bioventus sell?

Please visit our global website for further product information. www.bioventusglobal.com

How do I sign up to receive additional information from Bioventus, outside of Bioventus Academy?

If you would like to receive promotional information from Bioventus please click here to select your area of interest. http://info.bioventusglobal.com/General-Landing-Page_Opt-In.html

Have a question that isn’t answered here?
Email us at info@bioventusacademy.com.

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